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#21 Mar 15 2021 09:29am
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Quote (Mayhem_Pk @ Mar 15 2021 03:36am)
doesnt have extra steps to close a game? hold ps go to game press start and close? same as ps4

Ps4 - press ps button and choose close app
Ps5 - press ps button, hit start and close app
Yeah, theres an extra step
#22 Mar 16 2021 05:40pm
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Still waiting for the day that this will be mine,
#23 Mar 16 2021 08:46pm
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Quote (CharlieDayZ @ Mar 16 2021 05:40pm)
Still waiting for the day that this will be mine,

#24 Mar 18 2021 09:57am
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Ps5 and pa4 same thing pa5 just quicker they havent even updated the gfx yet for the pa5 games so the same gfx you see in gta they do on ps5 i own both
#25 Mar 25 2021 09:26am
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I was fortunate enough to snag one as well during initial pre-orders through target.com. Overall I would say I have had a positive experience with my PS5. Now is there some bugs of course that’s the name of the game when getting the first batch of anything.

I also wish some interface things were different. The two things I find the most annoying is the PS5 Home button and just how dirty the controller gets. I always wash my hands before playing and no matter what I still have to regularly clean the controller or it develops a film. Now on the flip side If I did not have one there is no way I would pay the scalping prices just to have a PS5 I’d wait.
#26 Mar 25 2021 10:50am
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No, there's literally only 1 good exclusive, and it's a remaster/remake
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