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#51 May 17 2021 02:24pm
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I won't buy Diablo 4 but if it is free I will try it.

Was going to buy it before they announced D2r. But ill just wait for D2r. Nn D4

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#52 May 17 2021 05:12pm
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59.99 bucks
#53 May 17 2021 11:31pm
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I won't buy it until it is out and I find it worth my money.

This, this and this again
#54 May 25 2021 01:36pm
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As much faith as I've lost in Blizz lately I'd pay 60-70 considering all the console games have gone up to 70 now.
Who knows if pc gaming will match in 2 years or so.
If I found myself enjoying it, I'd pay for 1 time PoE style stash tabs or an increased space subscription for 5-10 monthly.
I say that in hopes the money would lead to the game getting more love than d3 tho.
#55 May 25 2021 09:30pm
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i bet around $90 but hopefully not, most new games are at that rate now
#56 Jun 21 2021 05:55pm
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The real cost is a soul and credit card.
#57 Jun 21 2021 06:57pm
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Most games now a days are $60 aint it? so most likely $60-70 tax included.
#58 Jun 21 2021 09:50pm
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This is tough.

The fact that I can't convince myself that D4 will be any different from D3 prevents me from committing any amount of $$.
#59 Jun 22 2021 04:57pm
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I wouldn't buy it until it comes out and I know it is worth the money and time.

I went all out for Diablo 3 like a lot of you did and.. just like a lot of you, I was disappointed.

D2:R is definitely pre-ordered, though.
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