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#1 Jan 31 2021 12:59pm
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I have 186 codes for trade. 170 of them are boosters and 16 are tins and other such items. I dont mind selling a specific stack separately.
Only offer on whole stacks at a time. You may bid there is no bin. I will consider every offer as long as it's serious.
I will be typing out all the codes and sending to you on d2jsp upon purchase so please give a little bit of time to get the codes typed out.

39 Sword and Shield Vivid Voltage
21 XY Evolutions
21 Sword and Shield Darknesss Ablaze
23 Sun and Moon Burning Shadows
13 Sword and Shield Rebel Clash
14 Sword and Shield
10 Sun and Moon
7 XY Steam Siege
4 Sun and Moon Lost Thunder
4 Champions Path
4 Evolutions
3 Sun and Moon Unified Minds
2 Sun and Moon Cosmic Eclipse
2 XY Fates Collide
1 Sun and Moon Team Up
1 Sun and Moon Guardians Rising
1 Sun and Moon Crimson Invasion

5 Sword and Shield Vivid Voltage: Scorbunny
3 Sword and Shield Vivid Voltage: Grookey
2 Collector Chests: Grookey, Scorbunny, and Sobble
2 Sun and Moon Unified Minds: Umbreon
2 Legends of Galar Tin: Zacian
2 Galarian Sirfetch'd V Box
1 True Steel Premium Collection: Zamazenta
1 Legends of Galar Tin: Zamazenta
1 V Powers Tin :Eevee V
1 Copperajah V Box
1 V Powers Tin: Eternatus V
1 Champions Path Collection: Hatterene V
1 Galar Partners Cinderace V
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