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#201 May 1 2021 02:13pm
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Quote (Bootyscrumtious @ May 1 2021 03:29am)
#3 Bootyscrumtious / eRep / Zeal


#1 ShadowsWill / HD / Zeal

^ShadowsWill Lets do it!

6-4 me
6-2 me

Awesome duels mate! Lots of close ones, scared me all the time haha. Also nice flawless victory!

Can't wait to see what you bring next time!
#202 May 1 2021 02:17pm
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Quote (ShadowsWill @ May 1 2021 01:13pm)
6-4 me
6-2 me

Awesome duels mate! Lots of close ones, scared me all the time haha. Also nice flawless victory!

Can't wait to see what you bring next time!

gds bro!
#203 May 1 2021 07:05pm
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Pwnubs / Pzealer / Zeal


/ LoveTug / Jab
#204 May 1 2021 09:29pm
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chisox2335 / FlamewaveZealot/Zeal
#205 May 2 2021 09:05pm
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Welcome to East Ladder GM Rare & Crafted Pvp Melee League

Currently active pvp league ladder

Currently recruiting more players!

Yes my old league picture says non ladder ---- I am running this league on ladder currently! Will continue once on NL


1) Have fun!! (No rage, drama, BM, or bullshit you will be removed/banned if there are multiple complaints about you).
2) To be added to the Ladder post "Jsp Name: Char Name (D2 Acct) - Level ## Character Type".
3) Allowed to challenge up to 2 ranks above you until you get to #3 then you must duel #2, then #1.
4) You must PM the other party about the challenge FIRST then post challenge in this topic.
5) GM Melee Rules (as quoted below) apply to all duels.
6) Challenge will be best 2/3 sets. The winner of each set will be the first to six. You must win each set by atleast 2 duels.
7) You may change gear 1 time during a set and 1 time between each set.
8) If you issued the Challenge you must wait 12 hours after it's completion to issue another Challenge.
9) If you lose a Challenge you must wait 48 Hours to re-challenge the same person.
10) 4-Day Dodge Rule (Afk, no-reply, no-show = auto-loss) 3 consecutive "dodges" = removed from Ladder.
11) If you cannot complete your Challenge on time it is your responsibility to PM your Challenger to inform them.
Once you've informed them, post in this Topic and ask for an extension. If you fail to do this Dodge Rule will be enforced.
¥ annotates a single dodge
12) For those who don't know: Only 4 attacks are allowed. Zeal, Concentrate, Jab, and Fury.
13) Vacation Status: If you go on vacation while in the middle of a challenge, you will receive a dodge for that duel unless you are back before the 6 day maximum. If you will be on vacation for longer then 6 days, you will be placed at the bottom of the ladder.
This is an active pvp competition, if you will not be on to take place you will have to work your way back up. I understand things come up, that is why I put the 6 day qualification on there.
I do want to say it would be a smart idea to post in this topic if you are going away people might ( might ) be nice but this is a pvp ladder so don't expect it.
14) Removal from the ladder: No removal is permanent unless you have violated rule #1. You may always request to join again.
15) You can only be in 1 challenge at a time. Do not challenge someone if they are in a challenge already, and do not challenge someone if you already have a duel pending.

<Gm Melee Rares/Crafts/Magic Rules>


- Do not commit acts of bad manner.
- Do not angle (both parallel to the town door)
- Do not prebuff.
- Do not use poison.
- Do not use slow.
- Do not enchant.
- Do not smite.
- Do not charge.
- Do not jump.
- Do not pot.
- Do not run.
- Do not whirlwind.
- Do not knockback.
- Do not use items that emit auras which affect player vs. player (PVP) and cause physical and/or elemental damage other then torch.
- Do not emit the holy freeze aura.
- Do not cast item/torch charges.
- Do not have any Damage Reduce of any kind in %

List of Approved Items

All Rares
All Crafts
All Magics
Runes except Ber
CTA for Amazons/Paladins/Druids (verified to make it Fair)
The use of Spirit for Bo'ing or casting Inner/cloak only.

List of BM Items

EVERY Runeword( Exception : Cta / spirit for bo)/ EVERY Unique / EVERY SET
Ber Rune

[Weapons - Rares/Magics]
Any weapon with poison damage (vouch civic 4 this rule update)
Any weapon with more than 200 total elemental damage
Any weapon that casts an elemental skill over Level 5
Any weapon that casts amplify curses ( same with any armor )
Any poison on gear

Special Mention

[Skills] - Zon and Sin can cast Inner and Cloak before duel starts

[Duel Games] - All official duel games are to be made in NIGHTMARE difficulty. This is for the fury druids. If you are not dueling a druid, it is not as important.

[Pre-Combat Check-up] - The Referee of the match must see both player's gears to see if they match the requirements.

[Starting Duel] - Both players are to state "G" so that it is visible in the message log.

[Miss-Clicking] - Continue fighting

[Glitched Strength] - Auto DQ will result if you die and can't pick up gear

[Holyshield] - Do not cast holyshield prior to gear change. if you casted hs and changed gear, Referee will have to kill off the player and recast hs

[Running into/during Duel] - Point awarded to opponent

[Draws] - If neither player survives a walk back to town, counts as a draw. No point awarded to either player

[Referees] - A Referee will hereby be deemed to be someone who understands the rules thoroughly and can be a fair judge to both parties engaged in the duel.
The Referee is there to provide a third-party ruling, and to confirm the results for those not present. To be a Referee you MUST be a part of the GM Melee Ladder, unless both parties agree before-hand that you are fit to be a Referee.
It is not hard to be a Referee. You just have to be on a character that can kill a melee character if they break a rule. Casters work just fine.

[The use of hacks and/or mods] - The use of hacks and/or mods is strictly forbidden, given that the said hack and/or mod modifies the way you duel. No fhr/ias/frw/fcr modding, no auto-aim (if you can't aim in melee you need to find a different sport) and no chicken/tp chicken.
If you have to ask if something is banned, it most likely is. Use common sense. If you are suspected of using hacks and/or mods the Referee will ask that you take a screenshot with a timestamp and PM it to them/the other dueler.
Refusal to do either will result in an auto-loss for the entire challenge. The use of a Loader is OK, as long as that loader does not have any of the aforementioned features.

[Betting] - Betting is COMPLETELY optional. You may bet if you wish, however you may not force someone to wager. It has to be a mutual agreement between the two of you.

[Torch] - Torch will be allowed in this ladder due to I want everyone to be able to make a melee char to put in this ladder. Without the 20str/20dex from torches it takes away a lot from people who have lesser fg.
That being said. Torch charges that proc in duels will be allowed in this pvp ladder. However both parties can vote to take of torches and restat.

Special thanks to Inobi / SirSteve1 / Vrael

This is the official topic please feel free to pm me with questions or comments. Please Sign up Here.

Current Ranks

#1 ShadowsWill / HD / Zeal

#2 Gooddrow421 / Ozy / Jab

#3 Bootyscrumtious / eRep / Zeal

#4 CantBeTouched / DrZeal / Zeal

#5 iceydicey/ wimpy / Jab

#6 CantBeTouched / LoveTug / Jab

#7 Jordanzo / Dethecus / Conc

#8 Pwnubs / Pzealer / Zeal

#9 Shadowswill / Tanked / Conc

#10 Lordward / Hogs / Conc

#11 Chisox2335 / Flamewave / Zeal

#12 Inobi / ApoIIo / Conc

#13 Your Name

Current Pending Duels
Pwnubs / Pzealer / Zeal challenges CantBeTouched / LoveTug / Jab

Currently getting trophies made for 1st 2nd and 3rd spots to have next to names and use in profile!

Currently testing out sin with cloak skill and claws weps x2 for dragon claw or 1claw shield tiger strike ( because we allow inner sight for zon's ) to see if they have any chance what so ever of being a viable build.

Escl Rare & Crafted Melee PvP League has started!

#206 May 3 2021 08:41pm
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beat bootyscrumptious



challenge #1 ShadowsWill / HD / Zeal

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#207 May 4 2021 05:42pm
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challenge #10 / Hogs / Conc
#208 May 4 2021 06:50pm
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Quote (chisox2335 @ May 4 2021 07:42pm)
challenge #10 ^Lordward / Hogs / Conc

chisox2335 2-0 over


thanks for the fights man!
#209 May 4 2021 06:52pm
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Quote (chisox2335 @ May 4 2021 05:50pm)
chisox2335 2-0 over ^lordward


thanks for the fights man!

gds man!
#210 May 5 2021 05:39pm
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#6 CantBeTouched / LoveTug / jab challenges

#5 / erep / zeal

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