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#1 Jan 15 2021 10:58am
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Hello there guys, I'm creating this thread seeking information on indoor gardening.

Currently ive been growing cannabis for about three years, and mushrooms for about 4 months.

I'm looking to expand my knowledge in growing, mainly fruits and herbs, but not opposed to other plants.

New plants on the way :

Lemon tree

Looking into more herbs, any suggestions for a beginner?

Tips on organic fertilizer? Compost tricks?
#2 Feb 23 2021 12:37am
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Trees need a lot of space, you’d probably want to fill the floor space of a 10x10 room with about 2 feet of good soil for any kind serious fruit tree attempts.
#3 Feb 23 2021 12:33pm
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strawberries require pollination and a lot of pruning, afaik. also make sure to get ever bearing varieties.

i grow them outdoors, but much easier in that setting.

anyways good luck, im sure indoor berry guides are all over youtube. ive seen a few hydroponic setups.
#4 Feb 25 2021 03:50pm
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Just got my fig trees in the mail, and they survived! Putting them in their own pots tonight
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