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    Old School RS Trading Rules
    Last rule update: Jul 21 2020

    Illegal Trades

    • Account trades/giveaways
    • Membership codes, pins, and other redeemable codes
    • Trades and services on private servers
    • Infernal Cape services and Inferno wave clear services
    • Services requiring Remote Access/Control
    • Any service by/for someone with a Scammer tag or without FG rights
    • Staking and gambling services
    • Merchanting services or hiring users for such services, including item flipping
    • Trades and services related to JMod, PMod and Community Partner account status
    • Account unbanning services
    • Services involving bug abuse, exploits and glitches

    Our global Site Rules and Trade Rules also apply here, in addition to the above rules. Should you find any topics/posts violating these rules, please utilize the Report Button. Please also see: Where Do I Have To Report If..?


      Provided you have correctly posted your service under the Services tab and the service being within our rules, you should be eligible to request a Mediator for your trade. Please also see: How To Request A Mediator And Prevent Scams
      Note that the service needs to be for FG, as the Mediator won't be able to assist with non FG trades (example: Fire Cape vs x amount of rsgp).

    Display Name Trades

      Runescape display name trades are allowed provided they are paid for with FG. Due to the nature of these trades Mediators are unable to assist.
      These can be traded under FT and ISO, not as Services.

    Deadman Mode Trades

      Due to the nature of Deadman Mode, a Mediator won't be able to assist with any trades or services on there. All trades and services on DM servers are at your own risk!

    Account Renting

      OSRS accounts may be rented under the Services tab. Please ensure all terms are agreed upon by all parties before proceeding with the service, such as time frame, skills that may not be trained, etc.

    Account Security

      To ensure your own safety during services, make sure you take the necessary precautions. Below are a few pointers to help you stay safe:

    • Add a unique bank pin to your account. This process takes 3 or 7 days to complete. Avoid using significant dates like birthdays or easily guessed combinations
    • Add an account authenticator
    • Add an authenticator to the email associated with the Runescape account
    • Use unique passwords for all your online accounts
    • For older accounts ensure you know your Recovery Questions and answers.
    • Bank any items you want to save, besides the provided tools, equipment and supplies needed for the service
    • Take screenshots of your Bank Tabs, Inventory Tab, Skills Tab, Quest Tab, and experience relevant to the service
    • Request a Mediator!

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