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#71 Oct 30 2020 03:05am
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Quote (Arsenic_Touch @ Oct 30 2020 03:35am)


And in other related news, I didn't hear about this until after the story about the boyfriend being sued went live.

This was from the shooting where the cop gunned down the guy as he was crying and crawling on his knees in that hotel hallway.

Gee I wonder why people burn shit down when the police can murder a man in cold blood and get a pension for it.
#72 Oct 30 2020 04:06am
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Quote (ofthevoid @ Oct 24 2020 11:33am)

easy to Monday morning qb from a computer without having bullets flying in your direction and having to make decisions in split seconds in the darkness

Hey guys!

I was law enforcement in Kansas CIty, Missouri for quite a few years. I've been fired upon and returned fire. When I was law enforcement I was equally responsible for each and every bullet just like you are.

Further, ofthevoid here has spent the first three pages just eviscerating any credibility he had. If you took the first three pages alone and showed them to others they would conclude that ofthevoid is a moron.\

Edit: I have read the rest of the pages and my assertion that ofthevoid is a moron still stands.


Quote (proccy @ Oct 24 2020 05:38pm)

Surfpunk mentioned needing to use mental gymnastics - But convincing yourself the police knocked but didn't yell POLICE is a type of stupid that can't be fixed

...it happens everyday. I don't understand how that requires mental gymnastics. Do you know any law enforcement? Buy one a few beers and get them talking. You're probably not going to like finding out that the "thin blue line" doesn't actually encompass any solid morals.

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#73 Oct 31 2020 04:37am
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Quote (proccy @ Oct 24 2020 05:38pm)

It's a horrifically messy and tragic situation. Many poor decisions were made by all parties. But mostly on the part of Taylor and Walker

Damn, you are ice cold, why do you include Taylor in your victim blaming scope?

The situation def got more interesting with the cop trying to sue the home owner claiming self defense angle. Do you go pro 2ND amendment and freedom and Liberty? Or pro Blue, they doing their job, safety over liberties, 2ND amendment and dwelling rights out the window?

#74 Oct 31 2020 07:30am
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A third anonymous grand juror from the Breonna Taylor case on Friday joined two others in speaking publicly about the case, supporting the claim that no additional charges were presented to the jury, according to a law firm representing the juror.

"After much reflection, Anonymous Grand Juror #3 has joined Anonymous Grand Jurors #1 and #2 in promoting truth and transparency regarding the Breonna Taylor case. Anonymous Grand Juror #3 firmly supports the fact that no additional charges were allowed at the conclusion of their service. The legal team for the three Grand Jurors will continue to protect their anonymity and aid them in their courageous efforts," said the statement issued by the Glogower Law Office.

The news comes days after Juror No. 1 and No. 2 spoke exclusively with CBS News, asserting they were never given the option to consider murder or manslaughter charges for the officers directly involved in Taylor's death.

Jury was misinformed and coached from the beginning for a result of acquittal. Jury was deliberately presented with charged they couldn't say were true while the crimes that happened were never described to them.

"It was a betrayal," Juror No. 2 said. "They didn't give us the charges upfront… when they gave us all of that testimony, over 20-something hours, and then to say that these are the only charges that they're coming up with, it's like, 'Well, what did we just sit through?'"

There was no trial where the defendants were judged by their peers. The jury was tampered with by the prosecution.

The legality of the killing itself has not yet been investigated or evaluated in any meaningful way.


I felt bad for the prosecutor who was nearly in tears talking about how he was being attacked for being a guardian of the law...and now I find out that he arranged that law through deception and rationing the truth, and highly selective enforcement of the law, so that these police officers could murder a girl and face no consequences and he called it legal.

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#75 Oct 31 2020 08:15am
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Quote (Arsenic_Touch @ Oct 30 2020 03:35am)

What a fucking cunt. Not only is this terribad optics for the police, he doesn't have a leg to stand on (snicker):


Assumption of Risk
Under the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, assumption of risk is an affirmative defense in the law of torts that a defendant can raise in a negligence action. Assumption of risk refers to a legal doctrine under which an individual is barred from recovering damages for an injury sustained when he or she voluntarily exposed him or herself to a known danger. Put another way, assumption of risk prohibits a plaintiff from seeking damages on the basis that plaintiff knew of a hazardous condition and willingly exposed him or herself to it. Essentially, the defendant is claiming that the plaintiff knew the risk but took the chance of being injured anyway.
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