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#1 Oct 4 2020 12:20am
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hey there, so recently been using my hotspot to play diablo 2, but sadly i cannot keep paying almost 70 bucks a month just to play d2 D: so i was wondering if there were a way to check and see if my 'home' isp is a business class isp or not?
i live in a boarding type of house and i'm sure the slum lord will just tell me to piss off if i were to ask so that's out of the question..
is there a way to check and see if my isp is business class or not by doing a search or something?
#2 Oct 4 2020 08:43am
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70 dollar is high class price

100MBit/s (by far enough for d2) is 45 dollar in switzerland

maybe ask your isp for a downgrade, you don't need data rate, you need ping (and the ping is same for high or low data rate)

edit: oh you using your phone internet for d2? ok then ignore my message above

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