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Oct 3 2020 09:39am
Quote (MrCantrell @ Oct 3 2020 07:06am)
did they ever bring casino's back? Was so much fun running a casino when i was like 14-16

Yeah, well yes and no. cinos are on the down-low. They are named 'Games and Trades' now, which they are still ilegal to run and operate, they don't get shutdown as quick as if it were advertised as 'RARE CINO' lol.
You still see grabbers(you know the roll 2 dice land on the board game), and now recently the big $ maker games are called 'Bank Games'. I'll show a picture later, those can make you alot of coins in like no time!

I ran a grabber/2 de cino way back in the day. I lost almost every time, and feel some type of way when i lose like a gb.
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Oct 13 2020 04:01am
Damn that is nice lol reminds me of my old school days playing this ha
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