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May 21 2020 06:15am
Hey guys,

So I have been learning PHP and Laravel now for a bit, and was wondering if you guys had any potential idea's for stuff that I could use as good beginner projects. I have done some Udemy courses and various other things, but was wanting to go with a more basic idea for something and then try and transpose the idea to something much more custom, and so that I know I haven frankensteined someone elses code to try and achieve what I want.

Have any of you got idea's of things that would be potentially profit in terms of my learning ability? More to the point, what did you do to learn? Did you have any interesting mini projects that you could sink your teeth in to so that you could learn more effectively and adapt on it as you go?

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Jun 4 2020 06:59am
If you are looking for a project implementation idea, I've found automating crypto algorithms pretty fun. To piece that together, is a mixture of websockets, rest api calls, implementing standard financial indicator algorithms, then doing some OO and/or functional programming to bring a larger working system together such as a web application front-end for managing it all.

Another one could be using a maps API, and then adding some value to it. Digital graffiti, chatting, idk. Whatever floats your boat.

As a professional, I'm finding the potential for webassembly applications very juicy right now. Just ported a time tested c library over to wasm, and it is kicking ass on the frontend.
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