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Apr 27 2022 03:57am
Quote (JonWon @ Apr 27 2022 03:54pm)
I understand what you're saying. My argument to those people would be newer players are much more likely to find it poking around in the Settings during their gameplay versus reading it beforehand on the LS portal.
Unless I'm out of touch and the only one who doesn't read an entire game portal before launching the game and trying it out myself first..

Not opposed to your idea of text for a new character. In my opinion, It's kind of redundant, but at the same time it's helpful and harmless.

You are not arguing at all, you are pointing out your individualism. Yes it should be added for people that would go to "settings" in the game to pre set the parameters they would like to play the game. However, when I started LS, I never knew how to even open up the "Settings" in game. I never used settings for at least 6 months (if not a year or more) playing the game... so... how / where does it show a new player to this day how to open up the "Settings" while in game???

Hence some form of "Notification" when creating your first character and entering town for the first time.

Basically using "settings" now is more of an option when I started playing, but where is the information to change settings? Oh, the LS portals right?

Not everyone uses those portals because they are ot aware of them unless shown or instructed other than the person themselves searches for more information before playing.

This is just the way it is, we are not arguing how each person starts a game, just agreeing to the fact that this should be available in the "settings" :D

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