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#201 May 5 2021 11:47pm
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Quote (Property_Damage @ May 6 2021 01:24am)
I caved in and cubed up my vex runes to make an ohm
I made my cta and fucking rip, its a 2 bo, they trolled me
Instant regret, whatever
Ill be rerolling this when i can
But shortly there after i finally got my soj to drop from hell andariel, fuck!
Another rip though cuz its the ugliest skin, that ugly brown shit that doesnt even look like a ring, ugh, whatever though
Just need another monarch for a backup junk spirit

Add a 28life cold skills gc and shako to the mix, god damn boys
This is why im cracked out on this game again, im going to need an intervention to pull me off this game lol
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