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#81 Sep 8 2020 07:00pm
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Quote (mike_litoris @ 26 Aug 2020 01:06)

Lmfao probably the dumbest video of 2020.
"they put people under respirator but they don't give them oxygen"

BTW Thor is just destroying yall in this topic. Keep writing you clowns things lol I just love yall flat earthers, 5g,chemtrail and all this dumb things Lmfao keep going!!! :rofl:
#82 Sep 11 2020 06:02pm
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Quote (eMptyBox @ Aug 26 2020 09:29am)
ones way more detectable, as the 5g is a soft kill, keeps you weak and prone to other types of sickness-- so they can drain more $$ with less consciousness -- just my opinion :)

not a full depopulation yet imo

Your opinion based on science or based on intuition?
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