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#1 Mar 28 2020 07:09am
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Hey guys, I've been fortunate to have a few people that's helped me along the way since I've started LS again last week. I'm about to get roughly 10k FG and would like to know how should I spend it in LS wisely.

Of course buying the best gear is ideal, but was wondering what everyone thinks.

Goal: to climb more effectively and build more fgs to buy better gear.

Thank you,
#2 Mar 28 2020 07:12am
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depends what your goals are. Here's 2 suggested setups to leave you with FG to spend on other stuff such as vault

As some idea lets suggest a budget of 8k and with 2 different goals:
Goal 1: Make fg
Suggested items:
Weapons: Clubs/Swords - Swords will have the added bonus of being usable by the first 3 classes, so can use the same equipment. Clubs are theoretically gonna be cheaper, not seen many for sale recently and i'm always looking.
t3: 50 ee+
lvl 5: 70 ee+
lvl 10: 80 ee+
lvl 15: 90 ee+
lvl 20: 90ee+
lvl 25: 100ee+
lvl 35: 100ee+
lvl 45: 100ee+
lvl 55: 150ee+ budget of 4k

Armors tank set (leather/scale/chain/plate will all be ok):
tier 3: 15 strength chain/plate
level 10: 20+ strength chain/plate
level 15: 90ee ~20-100
level 25: 100ee ~50-200
level 35: 100ee ~100-250
level 45: 100ee ~100-250
level 55: 140ee+ Budget of 2k
Ideally should also have a tier 3-4 armor with 15-20 strength/dex and a level 30ish armor with 30-40 str/dex. As you only need 1 tank per game, if there's 2 people able to tank, one should use these instead for extra damage.

Charms: (SEE STAT BUILDS to see if you should be using str or dex)
tier 3: 15 str ~1 fg
level 10-15: 24-30 str ~50-200
level 30-40: 30-35+ str ~100-200
level 40-55: 40-45 str ~ budget 500

as you can see with my projected prices, i'm looking to spend upto 6.5k of your 8k on 3 items, MQ wep/armor/charm

Goal 2:
Unlock a warlock
Weapons: (you have 2 options for weapons)
option 1: Sword set: 3.5k, Staff set: 1k, str robes: 500
option 2: Dagger set: 4k, club set: 1k (or axe set for 1k, but you'll get terrible axes for this amount)
Tank armors: 1k
Dex robes: 1k
Dex charms: 500
Str charm: 500
As with the other build, 80-90% of your budget should be on your level 55 equipment.

I suggest you don't go for unlocking a warlock as a goal until you've tried a proper group climb or attempted a monk climb solo.

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#3 Mar 28 2020 07:14am
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This is great!!! Thank you!
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