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#1 Mar 26 2020 02:54pm
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I have wand with 4 mods:

+26 to Intelligence

78% increased Lightning Damage
Adds 4 to 54 Lightning Damage to Spells

Adds 23 to 35 Cold Damage to Spells

+1 to Level of all Lightning Spell Skill Gems

only +26 int is suffix,
Can i craft prefixes cannot be changed and scour it to remove +26 int and then mod for crit chance for spells and global crit multiplier? (both are suffix)

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#2 Mar 26 2020 03:07pm
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Yes unless they’ve changed it haven’t crafted with that mod in a while
#3 Mar 26 2020 03:08pm
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if you lock pfs and scour the pfx remain
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