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#1 Mar 18 2020 04:43pm
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So im 26, and I've met a girl near 31. We fell in love like in the movies and everything went perfect and we're living a romance for like 7 months... or better, almost perfect.. she was, and still is, enganed..

She keeps saying me she love me and thats she's gonna leave him but that she is not mentaly ready yet and needs time to prepare her family for the change. But im waiting patiently for like 6 months and basicly nothing has changed, since she continues to live in his house.. She keeps saying they dont sleep together for over 5 months but still, its driving me nuts.

When she is with me I have no doubts she loves me. But scares the hell out of me the way she can be with him, lieing for like 7months and living with it. She says she feels bad about it and asks me to trust her that she's doing what she can and that she only loves me but... its been 7 months..

What should I do? I really love her.

Thank you
#2 Mar 18 2020 04:48pm
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Did you know she was engaged when you and her first started out?

Also, "once a cheater, always a cheater" - If she could do this to the father of her children, she could do it to anyone.

ISO more info
#3 Mar 20 2020 10:03am
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As the Post above already said once a cheater alwas a cheater
She did it to her Husband. Tell us 1 reason why she shouldnt do the same to you?
Also shame on you if you knew she's engaged and still went that way.

You should take the time you had with her and move on. Find another Lady who doesnt Cheat.
#4 Mar 20 2020 04:01pm
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She's bad business and this is just soaked in potential drama. I wouldn't have time for this.

She's unhealthy. A healthy woman wouldn't have this guy in the picture.
Healthy women have great communication skills and don't lie. If they're unhappy and in an unfulfilling relationship, they leave. They'll stay single until they meet someone that they feel is compatible with them and that adds value to their life.

Liar, Cheater - ask yourself this. What are your morals? What are your standards for a woman? I would hope you would ask for more than this.

And she might be fun to be around, beautiful, etc. But it doesn't sound worth it to me if you're looking for something long-term, which it sounds like you are.

The problem is you're emotionally invested, and attached to an unrealistic outcome (a great relationship with her).

I'd walk and not look back. Otherwise, at best, she's friends with benefits.

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#5 Mar 21 2020 11:05am
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What you should do? You should get some self-respect and work on the relationship with yourself. You attract the sort of people that reinforce your self-image and in this case it's not looking pretty my guy. This person does not love you and is using you for personal gain.

You need to ask yourself some important questions and then be brutally honest with yourself even though it's easier to make rationalizations.

I agree with what GLYC123 said, except I wouldn't even want her as a friend with benefits. Her behaviour and character is very unattractive.

#6 Mar 23 2020 07:13am
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You must have some confidence issues or something if you think this is the best you can do
This is a bad situation
If you like being her side bitch (or one of them at least), ok, have fun
But see it for what it is
If you expect her to suddenly change... well that's not happening
She is who she is
#7 Mar 24 2020 05:35pm
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Fuck you for going with a married woman anyway man that's fucked
#8 Mar 24 2020 05:36pm
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#9 Mar 25 2020 08:47am
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bro...common that shoulda been a 1 night thing move on shes no good for the long haul..can u picture yourself having kids with a woman like this youll always have it in the back of your mind not worth it no matter how hot she is kick it to the curb show her that is wrong !
#10 Mar 27 2020 09:27am
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My dad made very sure that one of the first things I learned in life (after the obvious "dada") was that cheaters are to be treated the same as child molesters. Sadly this has marked me for life in terms of how I treat people of whom I know have cheated, and it even makes it very difficult for me to deal with people who have done elaborate things with somebody when they knew that somebody was in a relationship.

I can't help but think, if you would manage to land someone who is in a relationship with somebody else -- is somebody willing to do such a thing really the kind of person you could even remotely be interested in?
Sorry for my rather unobjective reply, but she sounds like someone that I would be disgusted by.
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