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Oct 15 2021 03:14pm
Nah. Fuck D4
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Oct 15 2021 07:10pm
Every single video on Diablo IV just makes me wonder what game the devs enjoyed and played when they were younger.
Because they sure as heck can't have liked Diablo 1 and 2.

They don't seem to understand how big of a punch to the face of the game mechanics cooldowns are to the series.
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Oct 18 2021 07:49am
Quote (ELPRESADOR @ 3 Mar 2020 01:50)
Must have a join date of 2005 or <

:Rofl: ok bought account
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Oct 18 2021 09:18am
Diablo is Love, Diablo is Life

Or so I'd like to say..

Still feel like nothing will beat that passion I had for Diablo I/II growing up, D3 didn't quite cut it.

One has to wonder, what it could've been like had Blizzard North stuck around.

I'll definitely buy D4 but not keeping up my hopes. We'll see how it goes?
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Oct 18 2021 10:28am
D3 was such a disappointment. I don’t have my hopes up. I’m gonna stick with D2R
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Oct 18 2021 10:41am
No, I don't think I will

This post was edited by Condemn on Oct 18 2021 10:42am
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Oct 18 2021 09:05pm
I had an 06 acc that I lost all the info to when d2r came out lol. Started a new one 💪
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Oct 20 2021 01:14am
Def will buy.

I hope char models get smaller like wtf a druid blocking whole path...

I will enjoy it q bit more I guess. I just dont have the time for 8 hour mf runs and lets be honest, good stuff never drops if you only mf 1 hour.
Okay one time I got instant BK5 amd Zaka but that is it.

Im hoping for Mix of D3 and D2 item system. I want to progress without trading but Id like to progress quicker with trading, but not only trading.

I for example would not even know to this day that a Maras is an existing item. I never saw it drop, only see it when I trade my stuff for it.
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Oct 20 2021 02:39am
Will probably buy it since its already pretty hyped. Must be more like d2 than d3 imo ~
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Oct 20 2021 05:50am
Have a 2003 account lost it when I quit d2 lod years ago. Don’t know why jsp can’t retrieve it. Can even search the username
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