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May 18 2022 12:54am
Quote (Crunkt @ Mar 2 2020 11:21pm)
how much was that account

Careful look at his guild.. he’s the fucking king
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May 18 2022 04:54am
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May 26 2022 02:23am
Quote (used2BeAPornStar @ 22 Apr 2022 22:56)
My accounty doesn't say it but I playe d2 since the days when d2jsp was more popularly known as the pindle bot and not the forum. back in 1.09 d when we used to do blood runs for exp. Back when ith weapons were arround and the sojs were the currency of the day. When vampgazes,bstars and light sabers were the shit. Burizas and Windforces.

D3 was a complete fucking disgrace. It was fun when the AH was around. At the time Rufnek#1579(me) had the top 15 barb in NA.

I too have barely kept up with d4 devlopment, because i have absolutely no faith in Activision. Microsfot shoes some recent competence with halo infiinite IMO, unfortunately i feel d4 is too far along and well into its budget to be revamped, therefore I am predicting a bust and I am not moving over to d4. I bought 6 copies of d2r. I hope they continue to release updates and push new content.

And lastly I blame all of you gen z and >mid 90 millenials that want games that are fair and easy.

Fuck i remember when you might have to rerolly a character becuase you the game lagged or whatever and you pumped too many stat points into whatever accidently stat and were fucked.

Anyways, kids now days get asked by their parents what they want for dinner. You ate what you were given when I grew up and I think its this type of mentality that devs feel must catered too is the root. Meaning, devs are scared to make games that could be GEMS albeit not for everyone, not easy, because kids like ya'll want 30$ an hour to stand around in fucking apple stores and slang electronics.

I am roughneck by profession I work 87.5 hours a week on oil and gas drilling rigs in the rain, snow, sleet, heat, mud, or whatever. I worked my ass for 7 years to get above 30$ an hour.

Rant over.

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May 26 2022 10:23am
when d4 come out? maybe i play, although I only play with 04 bois.
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May 26 2022 06:27pm
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May 27 2022 08:03am
I hear we are comparing join dates in this thread. Do I win?
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May 28 2022 01:58pm
Do I win based on Posts / Day?
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May 30 2022 01:50am
Quote (Grandwarrior @ 3 Mar 2020 19:46)
Im a 2007 and the amount of fg and cash i dwindled through my fingers could buy your home.

Also curious whats the going rate of that 2005 account you paid for

Facts right here.
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May 31 2022 12:44pm
Both my early join date and I will be here for D4.

Quote (galen9009 @ May 27 2022 09:03am)
I hear we are comparing join dates in this thread. Do I win?

Yes - I think you win! There is no prize, but congrats nonetheless!
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Jun 1 2022 02:09am
Quote (galen9009 @ 27 May 2022 16:03)
I hear we are comparing join dates in this thread. Do I win?

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