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#1 Feb 16 2020 05:01pm
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Do you guys find it better to play to your native screen or some windowed lower resolution to see everything?
#2 Feb 17 2020 12:44am
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1080p 24" seemed to be the sweet spot, 1440p 27" got me lookin all sorts of places
#3 Feb 17 2020 04:47am
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Fog of war and minimap not makes it that huge of a deal!

PBE: Sunfire Cape
[Changed] UNIQUE Passive - Immolate: Burns nearby enemies for [26 to 43] magic damage per second. Once every 10 seconds, your next immobilizing spell deals [26 to 43] (+5% Your Bonus HP) bonus magic damage and releases a fire nova that also deals that bonus damage around you. Immolate's damage is increased by 50% to minions and monsters.
i gess thats a mushroom, not a Ryla-heimerdonk turret
sounds like new mechanic, and its dump!
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