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#21 Feb 27 2020 05:51am
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Quote (zell1luk @ 17 Feb 2020 15:42)
A 5 minute lesson on how not to click bad links >>>> any antivirus to date.


Last time I had anti virus was when I was like 15 living with my parents. After getting my own place, my own pc, no av and common sense = no problem ezpz

Ironically friends that have av seem to get more viruses than I can remember :rofl:
#22 Mar 27 2020 10:52pm
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eset Nod 32 , is great , especially for schools/businesses.
AVG used to be pretty popular.
Most people just use anti-malwarebytes.
however avast probably would catch more viruses than anti-malwarebytes, and is also free. ( but i personally don't use it)
Because it blocks too many of my games/programs ect.... like if i was doing virtual local lan for old school games ect.
Plus uses too much resources.

a really good Paid program would be kasperkey .
Also " VIPRE" is a paid program, and its extremly good, and uses very low amounts of resources, its like the #1 King for windows 95/98/xp/vista , for those with low amounts of ram, and older hard drives.

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