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#1 Feb 8 2020 07:58pm
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so i gave my dad my extra xbox one i had laying around and hes looking to play some games he is a old school gamer likes games like zelda

was wondering if you guys had any recommendations on games kinda like that get a quest do it turn it in type of game nothing to hard like dark souls or something like that

i dont play many games so i have no idea what to recommend to him

thanks in advance
#2 Feb 9 2020 08:24am
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Not sure. There are some older games on xbox that would probably fulfill this. But you'd have to search and find some. Like terraria or something.
#3 Feb 9 2020 11:16am
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Install skyrim
Download green tunic mod
Play zelda
#4 Feb 10 2020 12:11pm
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Terarria, it's a fun 2d game similar to minecraft but with more combat. Co op too so you could play with him.

Children of Morta, a diablo esque game with fun combat and decent story. Graphics are more pixel and less high res, so might give him that nostalgia factor. Also has co op.

Hollow Knight and Dead Cells, 2d platformers with combat, they are a bit difficult at times but still quite fun.

Minit, basically a zelda clone, but with a 60 second mechanic, you go as far as you can in that 60sec and then "die". During those 60sec you might find a key or tool that lets you open a path or door, progressing further next time etc.

All of these are on gamepass. Might be worth getting him a sub for a month to test the waters.

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#5 Feb 10 2020 12:47pm
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rare replay
#6 Feb 13 2020 10:27am
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Try fable. Have him get xbox pass too
#7 Feb 18 2020 01:46pm
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Rare collection
Sega genesis collection
#8 Feb 20 2020 01:43am
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Dead by daylight is alot of fun if your lf online multiplayer
#9 Feb 20 2020 06:39pm
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star wars fallen order. story is so good, reminds me of playing the oldschool star wars games
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