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#581 Mar 13 2020 07:53am
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Quote (thesnipa @ 13 Mar 2020 13:14)
stupid people cant look at a number like 5m and accept that it's "not a lot". you could type 10 more paragraphs and that idiot still wouldnt get your point, which is a really good one tbh.

stupid people can't read "i never said it's 'a lot', i just corrected you on your 'it's nothing' claim, also it's completely irrelevant to my point", and still happily strawman away as if it was. that's especially true for stupid people who are butthurt but can't reply directly, because they hilariously limited themselves from doing so, after repeatedly being exposed for the hacks they are.
#582 Mar 13 2020 07:59am
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Quote (Mangix @ Mar 13 2020 07:38am)
1/300,000th of the amount of money just pumped into loans (via the other thread)

literal pennies.

math is racist sir.
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