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Jan 11 2020 01:08pm
Please READ ALL INFORMATION before making a reply or sending me a PM.

{1} I will spoof to you where ever you choose to meet as long as it safe and convenient for you.
  • I can meet you at your home or work coordinates.
  • Your coordinates will be confidential.
  • I will not buy a plane ticket to go visit you.

{2} To be able to trade Pokemon, you must be level 10 or higher with enough stardust for the trade.
  • You must also have junk Pokemon ready for the trade.
  • Never caught regular Pokemon (not shiny or not legendary) requires 20,000 stardust (~200 pokemon you have to catch).
  • Never caught shiny Pokemon requires 80,000 stardust (~800 pokemon you have to catch) and Ultra friendship (30 days of opening gifts).
  • Never caught legendary (shiny & not shiny) Pokemon requires 80,000 stardust and Ultra friendship (30 days of opening gifts).
  • I already have 5+ Million stardust on both of my accounts.

D2jsp Private Message for Purchase Order & Kik (messenger app) for trade communication

{3a} We will use D2jsp Private Messages system discuss your Purchase Order {12} .
  • We will not use d2jsp to communicate for the trade because it takes 30 to 50 back and forth PM's.
  • It takes freaking forever to get the trade done like 10+ hours.
  • This is strictly for updating your Purchase Order like if you want to buy some Pokemon for your local friend.
  • All trade communication will be done through KiK.

{3b} Where to get Kik (messenger) app for Trade Communication?
  • Apple iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/kik/id357218860?mt=8
  • Android Google Playstore: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=kik.android&hl=en_US
  • This messenger app is free to use and doesn't require a SMS text message or phone number to activate your account.
  • They will send you an email to click to activate your account.
  • You can write anything in the first and last name boxes. It doesn't check for fake names.
  • Use your d2jsp name for your username if possible. You can also use "d2jsp name" for first name and "@d2jsp" for last name.
  • It will be much more efficient when we communicate.
  • Instant communication and the trade can be finished in 5 minutes.

{4} Will I get the same CP listed in this thread?
When the trade completes, you may get a Pokemon a CP that is higher or lower than what I listed in this thread because it is based off your trainer level. IV level will be randomized when you receive your new Pokemon.

{5} Can I request a mediator for the trade?
Unfortunately, no because if I trade the mediator the Pokemon, he or she cannot trade the Pokemon to you. The Pokemon can only be traded once.

{6} Pokemon on Nintendo Switch transfers?
I only play Pokemon Go on a mobile device. I can trade you the Pokemon on Pokemon Go then you transfer them with your Nintendo Switch.

{7} Pokemon Power Ups
  • Your trainer must be level 40 because if you're a lower level, it might be a waste of FG and my stardust and candies to max out a Pokemon then when trade completes, you get a level 30 Pokemon.
  • I will calculate how much stardust and candies it requires and let you know the price.
  • On the day of the trade, I will ask you again before I start powering it up in case if you change your mind and want a refund.
  • No refunds once I start powering the Pokemon up to maxium CP.

{8} Lucky Trades
After you and I become Best Friends (after 90 days of gift openings), you get a 2% chance to get a lucky trade every time we open gifts. The chance to get it is very low. People tend to save this for Shiny or Legendary trades. There are people who have been waiting more than 2-3 months and still haven't got a lucky trade. What it means to get a "lucky trade" is you are guaranteed 100% chance for the Pokemon you trade to be lucky status with 80 to 100% IV and reduce stardust power ups. You and I will get a lucky Pokemon.

{9} Offers on Pokemon
You can make offers on the Pokemon I have for sale.

{10} Deposits
They are for me to hold the Pokemon for you. Anyone who has already caught a Shiny or Legendary Pokemon can buy it at a cheaper price with only 20K Stardust trade. These people don't need to wait 30 days. These people cannot buy a reserved Pokemon even if they overpay for it.

{11} Deposit/Reserve Cancellation Policy:
To cancel a reserve:
  • Send me a PM on D2JSP or Kik, and I will refund your FG deposit to the account you sent it from.
  • Your FG will be refunded to your account if you disappear without notifying or replying to my messages.
  • This is simply because you don't want the Pokemon anymore or you need the FG back to do something with it.

{12} To buy Pokemon, send me this Purchase Order form filled out:

Subject:Pokemon Go trade

Buying: Pokemon names with CP & Gender

Kik username: **Mandatory for trade communication**

Map Coordinates: **You must provide Map Coordinates**

Trainer name:
Trainer code:

  • I take screenshots of our trade and your trainer name must match what's on the form.
  • If you changed your trainer name, I'll ask you to send me a d2jsp PM stating the name change.
  • After you send me a PM with the form filled out, I will reply back with my Trainer names & codes and you'll know who you're trading with.

Map Coordinates, Option #1:
  • Look up a spot me to spoof to you on Google Maps on a computer, and it must be close to you.
  • Click anywhere you want me to meet you and towards the bottom of the screen you will a similar image below.
  • Map Coordinates: 34.034392, -118.251989 @ Los Angeles, CA (City, Country)
  • See picture below.

Map Coordinates, Option #2:
Share your location by the share button in the Google Maps or Apple Maps. *Do not ask Siri "what's your location?" because it can give the wrong coordinates.
  • Press on the blue GPS dot.
  • Select "share your location".
  • Select "More"
  • Select Kik messenger app.
  • Select ImVeryFood @d2jsp then send me the link.

Summary of how a trade works:
Send me a PM of the form in [Question #10] with the info filled out. I'll reply back with my Trainer Names & Codes. I'll message you on Kik or you can message me first to figure out when I meet you and at what time. On the day of the trade, I'll message you on Kik "Are you available?" You can respond with "Yes, No, I'm busy today and cannot meet, or I'll see you in X hours." If you cannot meet for whatever the reason, you just let me know then I'll reschedule the trade.

When am I available to trade?
  • This is just to give you an idea when each account will be able to come trade with you.
  • Dates are in my timezone US Pacific Standard Time (PST). These are the days when I go do that Pokemon trade.
  • [Month/Day] - Day of Week - Pokemon -

Can you contact me directly?
  • Yes, you can send me a message on Kik (messenger app on a smartphone).
  • I generally respond as soon as possible except when I am sleeping or busy.
  • To add me, you press the + button then you press "Find People" then type in ImVeryFood
  • Send me a message like "Hi, this is (your forum name) from D2jsp, so I know who it is.

***After two straight days of no trading (once we set up a trade schedule) without you notifying me for whatever reason, you will get removed from the trade schedule below because I have people waiting to do trades. I will send you a PM via Kik or d2jsp to notify you. If there is no reply after a couple days, I will cancel the reservation and refund all deposits back to the account you used to deposit FG.***

Why are you using Google Docs?
  • It looks cleaner, easier to edit, and no image/character limit.
  • Anyone can view it without a Google account.
  • Friendship + Stardust Requirement Chart is under the Trade Schedule (doc link).
  • More information on trading: https://rankedboost.com/pokemon-go/trading/

Google Doc Link (Jan 11, 2020)
  • I changed it back to how it used to be and now, they are all together again in one giant Google Doc.
  • You can also make Pokemon requests too if you don't see what you're looking for!
  • You can use CTRL+F to search for a Pokemon (search only by the name for the best results)

Table of Contents:
A. Trade Schedule
B. Friendship with Stardust Requirement Chart
C. Pokemon includes all of the following: Shiny and Non-Shiny with or without Legacy Moves
1. Standard Pokemon:
2. Legendary:
3. Regional
4. Baby
5. Costumed
6. Purified
7. Unown: A to Z with ! and ?

Trade Schedule + Friendship with Stardust Requirement Chart + All Pokemon for sale

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Jan 13 2020 10:35pm
Added new

5th gen standard (will be adding more soon)

  • Axew
  • Tirtouga
  • Archen

Regionals (5th gen)

  • Throh
  • Sawk
  • Maractus
  • Sigilyph
  • Basculin (Blue & Red Striped)

Shiny Standard

  • Shiny Ponyta

Shiny Costumed

  • Shiny Wobbuffet with Party Hat
  • Shiny Raticate with Party Hat

Shiny Purified

  • Shiny Purified Absol


  • Virizion
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Jan 26 2020 10:22pm
Added Standard Pokemon:

  • Shiny Piplup
  • Shiny Empoleon with Hydro Cannon
  • Shiny Shiny Gyarados with Dragon Breath + Twister (3,000CP available)
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Feb 1 2020 11:56am
Added Unova 5th gen:

  • Darumaka

Added Shiny Legendary:

  • Shiny Heatran (male & female)
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Feb 17 2020 07:55pm
Added Shiny with Legacy Moves:

  • Shiny Lickitung with Body Slam
  • Shiny Lickilicky with Body Slam

Added Shiny Standard Pokemon

  • Shiny Lickitung (no legacy moves)
  • more Shiny Scyther
  • one more Shiny Ponya on my main
  • added Shiny Minccino
  • more Shiny Bronzor

Added 1st Gen Pokemon

  • Lickitung with Body Slam (lots of them for 10 each)

I will transfer them in about 3-4 days during the Friendship event for candies.
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Feb 22 2020 06:28pm
Added new:

  • Shiny Rhyperior with Rock Wrecker
  • Shiny Rhyhorn
  • Shiny Chansey
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Feb 29 2020 10:15pm
Added new:

  • Shiny Chansey (another one)
  • Shiny Eevee with Party Hat
  • Shiny Pikachu with Party Hat
  • Shiny Nidorino with Party Hat
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Mar 5 2020 09:36pm
Added new:

  • Shiny Sandshrew
  • Shiny Mr. Mime
  • Shiny Meditite
  • Shiny Spinda #5
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Mar 11 2020 06:30pm
Added new:

  • Shiny Chansey (on 2nd account)
  • Shiny Zubat
  • Shiny Skorupi
  • Shiny Tentacool
  • Shiny Purified Pinsir

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Mar 29 2020 12:42pm
Added new:

  • Shiny Pikachu w/ Bowler hat (March 2020 - Safari Zone)
  • Shiny Lunatone
  • Shiny Zangoose
  • Shiny Magnemite
  • Shiny Snover
  • Shiny Makuhita
  • Shiny Teddiursa
  • Shiny Burmy (green)
  • Shiny Zubat
  • Shiny Cresselia

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