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Dec 29 2019 06:21pm
Hey, I have visual studio code and don't know anything about coding. Any recommendations for learning or urls?

Might be interested in learning C first. thanks

dont plan to buy a book
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Dec 29 2019 09:14pm
1. get Python
2. watch this video

3. ??????
4. Profit

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Dec 30 2019 07:28pm
Agreed, a nice and easy place to start is python. C is a horrible place to start and you're going to hate yourself. It isn't even remotely easy to learn and there isn't the kind of online help like there is for modern languages. c++ is a bit better, but honestly don't bother. It may be nice to learn as your second or third language once you're more familiar with programming.

What it is you intend to do with your programming? This will help us to help you. AI + Machine learning commonly done in python. Low level circuitry often uses c/c++. To learn object oriented programming I'd probably go with Java. It is also very common in enterprise web apps. If you're thinking about designing websites or doing full-stack development I'd start with javascript.

Edit: C# is also a good option for object oriented programming. It is a lot easier to learn than c/c++, but you can opt to use the "unsafe" things from c/c++ (like manage your own memory) if you so choose.

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Jan 1 2020 05:10am

What do you ultimately hope to achieve with learning to program mate? The advice here is god awful.

There's plenty of info on the web, no need for books. (Lots of books are also hosted online for free, so there's that). There's also a lot of garbage out there. You'll feel like you're learning the same shit over and over.
Feel free to hit me up, I'll gladly try to point you in the right directions/answer questions you may have, to my abilities.
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