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#1 Dec 29 2019 07:45am
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The Elder Scrolls II: Daggerfall is probably one of the most polarizing in the elder scrolls series. You either love it or hate it, generally speaking. It's personally one of my favorites in the series with it's massive world and classic gameplay.
Daggerfall is now a free game, it was publicly made free by bethesda.

So long story short. There is a fan recreation of daggerfall using the Unity engine. You can play through the entire game, side quests, everything.
some Quality of life improvements have been made to smooth out the rough edges. Runs on windows 10 easily.

If anyone has trouble getting it running which is unlikely. I'll be happy to help. I recommend getting the daggerfall game files via the live-builds page labeled "Universal zip of game files for all platforms."
You can get the game entirely free via bethesda website but it requires a couple extra manual steps.

some links

There are even mods for it! (I recommend KoW - D.R.E.A.M.)

*Note I am not associated with this project and it's totally free
I just wanted to share with my fellow nerds B)
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