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#1 Dec 9 2019 04:09am
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Would love to stay on linux, im new to it and like it so much better than windows.

However...I keep reading and watching youtube videos on how the compatibility issues make it unable to play at max settings in-game + lowering FPS.

Can anyone confirm that WoW plays with high settings?

Ryzen 7 2700x
5700 XT

Linux Distro = Manjaro

If I had windows, id probably be playing by now but learning how to install games on Linux is becoming troublesome. I havnt even learned how to install drivers yet!!

Would prefer Linux and willing to learn.

Thanks in advance
#2 Dec 9 2019 03:23pm
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Well if you run through wine you can select the drivers you want in winecfg

Really depends though, some games work great with wine & others take some tinkering with to get them up and running. Worth a shot to try it out though

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#3 Dec 22 2019 03:49pm
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You might be able to run Wow on a windows guest virtual machine instance. Maybe Virtualbox with some add ons.
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