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#1 Dec 5 2019 02:59pm
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Anyone know how far you can go, Concord by museum, into Museum, leading the group to Sanc Etc. before you have to head out to NW and become Overboss then kill the raiders after 100% completion DLC to get Preston as a companion late game. I know at some point he'll never forgive you if you take settlements as a raider even if you kill NW afterwards if you progress too far into the main storyline then do NW 100% and take settlements.

Wanting to do a 100% FO4 Survivor (11 stats, 12 Str, no mods, sniper early melee later) game as I haven't done much of NW and none of Far Harbor yet. Would hate to have to remake after NW cause I ran by the Museum in Concord and Preston yelled at me, though that seems unlikely until you face to face him at in the museum. Also wondering if I can grab that Fusion Core in the museum basement and head out to NW once I'm ready before or after I talk to the group upstairs. Getting some levels and odds and ends done before heading out like a settlement in Sanc with a decontam, overseer's guardian etc; quality of life stuffs and head out around LvL 25-30.

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