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#11 Dec 3 2019 06:41pm
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Using the Scar for medium size maps atm. Around level 40ish with it. It mows enemies down if you can handle the recoil lol. Very small clip as well.

Attachments I use to offset the negatives:
+recoil grips
+extended mag
+muzzle compensator
+sleight of hand
+the extra damage range barrel

Kinda slow ADS and mobility compared to the SMG classes but it's unreal for prolonged gun fights over range and picking people off running in the open
#12 Dec 4 2019 02:15am
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Quote (BTwizted @ Dec 3 2019 01:07am)
357 with snake shot > 725

Also... mp5 w 10mm mag is one of my favs, competed with mp7

one of the few favs of mine too
#13 Dec 9 2019 04:59pm
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Im the only EBR guy here. If you should have questions or want to chat all things EBR i am game lol.
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