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#1 Nov 18 2019 10:13am
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Hi guys,
I'm planning on creating a web application for small team projects. Something like Jira, but a simpler version of team management software that will allow managing small projects without the complexity of large application.
I'm planning to create a web application that will be used to keep track of projects, time management, and burn-down charts. To store the data, I want to host a SQL server on AWS (Amazon Web Services) and connect it all with the database. I will most likely be doing all the calculations for the charts in stored procedures on the server to take the workload off the device browsing the website.

My question is, what technologies would you guys recommend? I don't mind if I worked with this programming language before or not as I want to learn. I worked with .NET (Visual Basic and C#), although it seems like it's not as popular and a little bit outdated. What would you guys recommend for the project? Java script? Node.js?
I'm looking forward to hearing your opinion.
#2 Nov 18 2019 12:29pm
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OK, so you're always going to need HTML and CSS, but Bootstrap is a saviour for those who want to be lazy with their CSS :D

For the front end actual programming, you're always going to be best off using a Javascript library, something like Jquery or Vue.JS. For the back end, to interact with your database, you're better off with either PHP or Python. There's lots of material to learn on the net for all of this, so you shouldn't really struggle if you've done some programming before. PHP is actually based on C based languages, so it may be an easier choice to learn, though a lot of people are preferring to use Python these days. PHP is by no means outdated, and is still being updated regularly, but Python is better at data science stuff.
#3 Nov 18 2019 02:17pm
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Look into Django (python web framework). It's really easy to use for prototyping web applications.
#4 Dec 12 2019 11:17pm
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#5 Dec 14 2019 06:39am
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Jira has been written in Java.
Spring Boot is an excellent modern framework for developing web apps along with some basic 'HTML engine'-like frameworks, such as Thymeleaf.
So, overall: Spring + Thymeleaf will build you a great web app, the general dependency injection pattern used in Spring will also be helpful and neat for implementation purpose
#6 Jan 4 2020 02:46pm
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PHP with Wordpress is a pretty good option if you are looking to not spend a lot of time on the project.
#7 Feb 9 2020 06:10pm
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I would go Python- Django does a lot of magic for you, Flask lets you do magic to it.
#8 Feb 9 2020 06:23pm
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So there’s two parts to this question; the frontend and the backend.

The frontend will obviously be a combination of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. React is really becoming the industry default as a frontend JavaScript framework. It has a bit of a learning curve but once you understand it then it’s really quick to build powerful applications.

For the backend there’s more options and it really just depends what languages you are comfortable with as any modern language has REST API frameworks available.

Python - Django’s REST Framework or Flask
Ruby - Ruby on Rails
Java - Spring or Dropwizard
Scala - Play Framework
JavaScript - whatever frameworks NodeJS has
PHP - Laravel

Django comes built with its own frontend framework so if you’re starting out or just doing a prototype then I’d use that but it doesn’t scale well. If you want this to be a “real” application is highly recommend a React frontend with a REST API backend. If you have experience with a programming language already then I’d stick with it and just learn the REST API frameworks available for that language.
#9 Apr 8 2020 05:58pm
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docker + express + react
#10 Apr 12 2020 05:07am
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I would recommend doing node/express on the back end and a frontend library like react so that you can easily have that spa feel. I think if you stick to js fullstack you'll have an easier and faster time to launch rather than learning a bunch of new languages.
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