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#81 Dec 7 2019 02:18pm
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Quote (Djunior @ 7 Dec 2019 05:02)
The real problem is the suits, the guys making the decisions. If you would have had a look at the job opening for D3 game director, and I did, then you saw a list of requirements. The first requirement was "must have worked on a number of successful triple A titles. Then a bunch of requirements like "must have excellent communication skills" down to "must be comfortable making public appearances". And guess what, the last point on the list read "ARPG experience is not required but considered a plus".

This is a prime example of the money men making decisions. They want people on the game that have worked on many successful games as in their view this translate in the best chances for the game selling tons of copies.

What they should have done is hire people who new D2 from A to Z including knowing the D2 community. It would have prevented all that friction between the D3 dev team we had and prevented all the bad decisions they made because they thought they knew it all better from their elevated position over those pesky D2 fans (regarded as trolls).

This, good explanation and wider knowledge.
#82 Dec 8 2019 01:55am
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Neither are of yet, and here we are....
#83 Dec 9 2019 11:04pm
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Quote (Djunior @ Nov 17 2019 02:48am)
PoE2 looks like a massive improvement. You can call it PoE remastered but that's clearly good stuff and these devs actually listen to what the fans want and put this into practice.

Bli$$ always say they listen but don't put this into practice, just the opposite...
I got a feeling D4 will be the last chance for them to turn this ship around or they will be overtaken by the competition/

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