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Oct 13 2021 08:52am
Quote (Hell_of_Dammed @ Nov 2 2019 07:55am)
Fag video.

Items shouldbe bind on equip. Not sure if acc or char bound tho.

yuck soulbound items on arpg no thanks. will be insta no buy if that's the case
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Nov 7 2021 04:31am
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Nov 11 2021 10:01pm
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Nov 12 2021 02:49am
First blizzard game i will not buy. Gratz blizzard YOU MADE IT !!!
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Nov 12 2021 08:12am
yeah so basicly theyll do what they did in d3 = you will drop 10000 sets and legendarys every day and you will just hunt for the armor you already have but with 2 more dex on it..
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Nov 12 2021 08:39am
Blizzard consistently makes bad choices with their games for several years now. I wonder how much longer the legacy of WoW can keep all their other foul ups afloat. The troubling part is they KNOW THIS which is why they decided to re release D2. It goes back to a golden era for them trying to remind people “yo we’re still cool”… but they even messed that up.
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