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Sep 2 2021 05:17pm
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Sep 2 2021 07:17pm
Quote (zoltan-2 @ Aug 17 2021 03:28am)
Whoever tf thinks trading is a bad idea needs to be fired......no trading = no buy for me.

Account bound is some new age garbage that has no good justification......case in point diablo 2 was the greatest arpg game ever. Case further in point d2r...

I can guarentee that d2 would not have been a global generational success still played to this day w.o. trading.

Im tired of being told by these companies whats good for me.

yeah, i've chalked d4 up to I'll probably just keep playing d2r lol. Granted I'm going to play it to go through the story and all, but doubt it'll be good enough to play for a long time.
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Sep 9 2021 03:30pm
i will buy the game, but i guess i will loose interest pretty fast. Sounds like they do the same mistakes just like with d3. Even the stupid horns on Lilith remind me of D3. Anyway, there is still D2R, which i'll probably keep on playing , if they won't fuck it up. But the drama is big on the blizz forums, and they always listen to those idiots. Diablo is fucked...
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Sep 10 2021 02:46am
Quote (BOO_MAN @ 2 Nov 2019 16:29)
i hope they have some kind of auction house..

Wasn't D3 more than enough proof that auction isn't a good thing?
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Sep 22 2021 06:41pm
if it has d3 trading it will be trash like d3
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Sep 22 2021 09:12pm
Quote (Gomunkulus @ Sep 9 2021 02:30pm)
Diablo is fucked...


you can say that again
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Sep 22 2021 11:03pm
no trading no pvp = no diablo

how the fuk can
burn em all

didnt read thread just my thoughts TRUTH is told

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Sep 23 2021 01:59am
Quote (ChocolateCoveredGummyBears @ Sep 22 2021 11:12pm)

bruh id pay for a tab like that too these are qol improvements they can get their greedy ass hands in
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Oct 11 2021 07:23pm
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Oct 11 2021 08:32pm
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