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#1 Oct 21 2019 12:11pm
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Tal amulet and armor?

been looking for weeks now plz help thx :)
#2 Oct 21 2019 12:12pm
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Diablo amu and i think the armor can be found even at pindle. Baal can drop anything.
#3 Oct 21 2019 12:30pm
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Tal Rasha amulet is a level 26 item : all act bosses can drop it starting from normal Mephisto.
Lacquered plates are quality level 82 items : only high level bosses can drop them (Hell : Baal, Nihlathak, Diablo. But not Mephisto).
#4 Oct 21 2019 01:13pm
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#5 Oct 22 2019 07:17am
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Quote (meyer545 @ Oct 21 2019 08:11pm)
Tal amulet and armor?

been looking for weeks now plz help thx :)

highest chance for tal armor has baal (~ 1:1900) with 0 mf and on p1. nila has ~ 1:16 k chance and pindle has ~ 1:18 k which is actually 3rd and 4th best option after baal and dia.
so for tal armor i would join a baal run game, do pindle and nila and finally join throne.

for tal ammy there is only one valid option and that's quest bugged andy. easy to quest bug her and chance of ~ 1:3900 is just too good. higher chance than baal and dia and you can do andy so much faster...
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