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#1 Oct 20 2019 07:20pm
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This is a setup that has worked really well for me.
Diamond high defense resist helm
Diamond high defense resist ornate
High defense Leach resist gloves
Nice war belt
Two Barb pris ammy
Leach resist 1xxar rings
Two handed weapon.
It hits about 4k ar with Martel and 6.5k with exec.
Then one point run walk one point Nat resist. The rest bvb.
#2 Oct 21 2019 04:52am
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sig helm+gloves > all bvm :evil:
#3 Oct 21 2019 11:39am
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This is build was popular from 1.07-1.08
This build really only works with weapons that requires high dex
This build was crushed from existance in 1.09 when the partial set AR bonuses came out

Will it still work? Yes with premium gear, is it optimal? No
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