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#21 Oct 15 2019 03:44am
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Quote (hermitian @ 15 Oct 2019 11:13)
I personally DON'T use Pride golem because the freeze target mod often destroys one of the first corpses.
I would say go for an insight or beast(if u are not holding one yourself)

can't see the problem.
merc probably kill alone 1-2 mob per second
#22 Oct 15 2019 03:35pm
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thanks for the responses they are all viable i think

has anyone tried eth last wish collosus blade or thunder maul?

that way your merc could go blessed aim?

60 - 70% CB and fade seems decent

But to me eth pride golem, infinity might merc, beast in hand seems best
#23 Oct 15 2019 03:50pm
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Under conv your summons dont need more ar.
Iron golem hits way to slowly to have impact.

Dpswise the best is:
Might merc infi
Pride golem
Summon skels with arm of king leoric then switch to beast.
#24 Oct 20 2019 12:33pm
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infi act 2 merc
beast on ur hand
pride golem

without the infi ur summons will hit like 80% less. also corpse explotion gets a 50% boost from infi.

ur curse should be amp, some uses decredicy vs bosses
#25 Oct 20 2019 08:02pm
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Best: Pride of Infinity

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