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#61 Nov 14 2019 06:39am
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Quote (ZxFamily-GuyxZ @ Nov 14 2019 05:52am)
Lots of people complaining about the officiating last night. Was it really that bad? Saw Doc got ejected....

Didn’t get a chance to watch because of Celtics but guess I‘ll watch this to see if Pat Bev got cheated

they called at least 2 personal fouls on Patrick Beverly just for talking smack to Harden, not kidding

#62 Nov 14 2019 06:54am
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Quote (CiroC @ Nov 14 2019 04:48am)
You have the biggest choke artiest in the game LeChoke James.
Anthony "never got pass the 2nd round" Davis will either get hurt or disappear in the playoffs.

good luck beating the Rockets with 2 MVPS on the team, in their prime.

Lebron beat them before and he will do it again.
#63 Nov 15 2019 10:29pm
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Another 40+ for Harden.

Is he going to average 40ppg this season????
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