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#1 Sep 2 2019 08:28pm
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getting this ADMIN approved to be posted as a jsp listed classic channel is in progress...
Just came back to the game im gonna try to get something started here via channel.
leveling together cowing helping rushing trading everything like the good ole days.
join me and lets all huddle together and play in diablo2 us east channel: op puredemise
i will try to progress through classic as we mf chaos and try to get a reliable channel for help and support and regain a enjoyable experience for newer players. i will be trying to help as best i can but need you too.

If im not op'd or someone isnt in the channel currently we are in game but stick around as i try to get a community. feel free to pm me or take screenshots of any shinanigans happening in the chat and thanks for support this attempt to bring us together.
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