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#11 Sep 18 2019 08:06pm
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Quote (Xaysia @ Sep 10 2019 09:00am)
You should try to learn both front-end and back-end development on your free time to see what you like the most. However, I recommend that you start with front-end development.

React is a great framework for front-end development.
Search on google for "React setup for windows 10" or whatever operating system you are using (it's easier if you have macOS or a linux distro).
Then follow a guide to setup React along with Node.js on your computer. It takes like 15 minutes to get something working up and running.
The node server is very neat for developing websites locally on your computer and it will be very fun to learn CSS/HTML/JS (try to divide these files into separate files) without having to worry about so many other things.
Just get comfortable with how everything is connected and try to edit files by yourself and see what changed. Then try to design a website on your own (e.g creating a header, content and footer and just making 2-3 pages filled with text).

Once you need back-end functionality (such as storing data in a database, e.g users and sessions), you should look into a python framework. Flask is great to get something easy up and running and to learn python (Django is a bit harder to get started with).
To interact between the front-end and the backend, you should connect them using a rest API (there are plugins for both frameworks which makes this very easy).
Using a rest API will not only make a clear separation of the front-end of the back-end, but it will also be much more expandable in the future.
For instance if would like to create a phone application (which itself is a completely new front-end module which you just connect to the already existing back-end)

You shouldn't bother learning PHP as it's a bad and dying language. You'll enjoy python much more and it has a much nicer syntax. :D

This 10000%

If only the rest of the forum was this productive with knowledge for people.
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