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#1 Aug 17 2019 05:25am
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To be honest... I am totally lost here... what is the goal? Character, Crafting, Carving, TSS'ing level infinity? Pick one or more and level it up???

I get the basics:
... A Battler = a character that levels up character level specifically.
... A Crafter / Carver / TSer = a character that levels up those skills ONLY, they do not increase in character level.
... Certain drops can ONLY be found through different skills.

So, my main question is this (these):

1... What level is a good time to invest in buying Gear and when?
2... Would you purchase or make gear in intervals of 25, 50, 75... or 100, 150, 200 etc?
3... I prefer Bow / Quiver, what would be the best mods for a Crafter to build a set for me including some crafting / carving increase?
4... Gems... what are the best sliced gem to use in gear?
5... What level Crafter/Carver would I hire to help make these items?
6... Are there any other things I should take into consideration?

There are so much things to this game it is frustrating, but, the upside is that it is text based and I don't have to continually click... :D
#2 Aug 17 2019 10:50am
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1. a lot of guilds have an armory full of gear to at least level 200 (battling)
2. above should answer. passed that its up to you and your gains. i used to get boots every 10 levels and full set every 20-30
3. get a different set for crafting/carving. this early on i wouldnt worry about getting a specific set. later on youll probably want healing with stat boost/ xp boost
4. coord, str/health in shield
5. try joining a guild with items, gems are mega expensive atm
6. battle as long as possible before tsing/crafting/carving. chrono gems in boots reduce action time. youll see high fame relates to high income as well.

can join ghost symbol, just apply, although our sets start at lvl 70

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