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Aug 12 2019 04:47pm
Hey ! I've been playing vindictus for over 9 years and I want to sell out the gold I made by farming over years, I have on stock on both servers. For NA I have over 1.5b on stock and rate is 20$ per 100m . For EU stock is around 400m for now.
About fresh accounts, it's any char that you want to have on lvl 100 with a name you'll chose and have items and money on the char gained while levelling, full +12 lvl 90 set/scrolled accesories and a chieftain pet. It takes around 1-3 days to get ready and price changes between 50-80$ for lvl 1 to lvl 100.
And for hand levelling service it'd be same process with price changing based on lvl the char you want to level up.
Thats all for now , if you're interested in any of these you can pm me here or dis cord ( Storm#8719 ) !
Have a great day all !
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