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King Atrhur
#11 Aug 7 2019 02:20pm
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If you make claims the burden of proof is on you
#12 Aug 7 2019 02:27pm
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Quote (King Atrhur @ Aug 7 2019 01:20pm)
If you make claims the burden of proof is on you

Not worth my time. I don't care if you don't believe me.
#13 Aug 8 2019 02:00pm
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Quote (NatureNames @ Aug 7 2019 02:25pm)
Problems with your list:
-You ignore third party sellers that have bad or non existent return policies and merchants that have return policies so restrictive they might as well not exist (superbiiz and outletpc).
-Some of your list isn't even in stock at those sellers (the mobo), adding cost again. Now your build is up to $634.
-"so long as it comes working", yeah, you better hope so because returning some of that stuff is not an option or will be a lengthy pain the ass.
-Suggesting he get 16 gigs of ram from the start when he will probably not even use 8gb given the circumstances of his other hardware and use scenario. He can buy more later if he needs it.
-Did you even look at the reviews on that keeb? It's real bad.

Or my list. All can be purchased from Amazon (as earlier noted) / no scam rebates. It all comes directly from Amazon Inc, backed by their 30 day returning policy on all items - no questions asked. Free shipping . Just $587 in 1 order. Every item on that list has good reviews too.

The problem is you just slap your parts lists together without really thinking about the end user. You do this pretty much every day. To make matters worse you're rude and shit on other people's suggestions every day (not just mine).

Your suggestion of that Intel M2 drive was great. Try being helpful without being a jerk.

Intel, MSI, and SeaSonic are good brands. However Acer, G.Skill, Steelseries, and Cougar are what I'd consider shitty brands. And AMD well.. if you consider their reputation for GPU drivers, eek! Consider their CPUs for the last decade? eek! But it's a <$600 build, some concessions do have to be made.

how in the fuck is acer gskill and etc shit brands

also gpu drivers from amd are just as horrible as nvidias always bad batches

please explain this cause I can easily counter with shit/flawed products from seasonic msi and intel
I can easily show nvidias driver issues along with many other shit like control panel that is buggy as fuck and hasnt been updated in how long?
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