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#1 Jul 30 2019 06:44pm
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Was looking at buying the be quiet! Dark Base 700. The only negative reviews were in regards to airflow, so I was going to buy some extra fans for it. I figured I would match what was already there (BeQuiet silent wings) when I found quite a crazy review on them. Wanted to know what you guys thought of this.

Here is what I can tell you for both of Dark Rock Pro 4 and BeQuiet Silent Wings:
They produce frequences below the level of human ear hearing, and above hearing range of normal human being.

We can hear from 20hz to 20,000 hz, but not everyone, some start hearing from 45 hz, and only hear up to 14,000 hz. Hearing is very important, but the way the brain works is even more important in this review.

The BeQuiet fans in Dark Rock Pro 4 are Silent Wing 3 fans, with 135 mm variation fan specific only to BeQuiet coolers. Those motors/bearing in the fan produce frequencies around 6hz and above 19,000 hz.

Why does it matter? Well, 5 hz is frequency of the brain, if the sound produced is around that frequency it affect the brain, and it can actually make the person very angry (without knowing) or make them sick, physically or mentally. Frequencies above 17 hz are very damaging to the ear drum, they make your ears hurt, and you will feel a dull pain in your eardrums. Reason why, is the follicles in the ear drum are damaged in the process, and the pain is of hair follicles dying. Hair follicles in our ears act as nerves that transfer fluctuation of sound as perceivable sound that is transferred directly to brain, and then decoded into a set of known memories within our database of the brain. The problem with high frequencies is that they damage the ears, make you go deaf eventually, and erode your ear canal follicles in the process. Here is a key issue on top of it, frequencies above 17khz are very seldom heard by a human ear, around 18,000 hz-19,000 khz is where the dangerous zone trully begins, you cannot hear those frequencies (most people) but you are killing your hearing, but your brain is subjected by the sound and goes "insane" after a while. To subject a person to a 19,000-20,000 khz will cause a person to go insane, as will producing 5 hz - 8 hz, that range is very dangerous as well.

I ABSOLUTELY would recommend to STAY AWAY from these fans for health reasons.

While we are here, what do you guys think of the Radeon RX 5700 XT ?
My build is complete once I get a case and graphics card :thumbsup:
King Atrhur
#2 Jul 30 2019 07:00pm
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Delta 0.5Hz–4Hz Deep sleep
Theta 4Hz–8Hz Drowsiness (also first stage of sleep)
Alpha 8Hz–14Hz Relaxed but alert
Beta 14Hz–30Hz Awake = normal
Gamma 30hz + Hightend perception

Though one should note brain waves and sound waves are on a different spectrum.
Guy who made that review has little to no knowledge on the subject.

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#3 Jul 30 2019 07:14pm
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wtf is that review lol
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