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#1 Jul 28 2019 04:24pm
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Dignity's Official Minecraft Server

1.14.4 Survival Server


Dignity's Minecraft Server is a custom survival server built by professional developers with the input of it's players in mind at all times. Dream Horizon takes what you love about Minecraft and what you wish Minecraft had and smashes it together into something that everyone can enjoy. Dream Horizon focuses on the community wants and needs and never does anything without asking the communities opinion first. This server is NOT just d2jspers but also other people online so please be respectful of them as well.

How do I join?
Open up a 1.14.4 Minecraft client and use the connection details "play.dream-horizon.com" to join.

- No drama. Lets all be adults here and just enjoy playing the game
- No harassing other members.
- No cheating. No xray, or skin packs that allow you to exploit or give you an advantage, or any other form of cheating / exploitation.
- No racism or offensive comments towards other members.
- Follow the direction of the the Admins (A*), and Moderators (M*).

The Minecraft server is open to all. Individuals that cause havoc and do not follow the rules will be banned.

Server Staff
Other people who aren't directly affiliated with d2jsp


    * DreamHorizon-Core
    * DreamHorizon-Events
    * DreamHorizon-Enchantments
    * Essentials
    * Towny
    * WorldGuard/WorldEdit
    * ChestShop
    * BetterRTP
    * GroupManager
    * MythicMobs ( Custom Mobs )
    * Jobs
    * McMMO (Custom Code)
    * Multiverse
    * TitleManager
    * Vault
    * Votifier
    * Stats
    * CratesPlus (Custom Code)
    * Many more
#2 Jul 28 2019 05:11pm
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#3 Jul 28 2019 07:59pm
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Enjoying myself quite a bit.

Thanks Collin :)
#4 Jul 31 2019 09:32pm
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4 New Enchantments are now available to receive as a drop from Brutal Skeleton, Feral Zombies, and Creeping Creepers.
There is a 5% chance to drop:
Battle Rush Level 1: Receive a speed boost upon killing an enemy (Boots)
Skill Swipe Level 1: % Chance to steal experience from your opponent (Axes, Swords)
Milky Level 1: % Chance to remove all buffs from your opponent (Swords, Axes, Bows, Crossbows)

There is a 2% chance to drop:
Poison Level 1: Poison your opponent upon hitting them (Swords, Axes)

These enchantment books will drop from our custom mobs when they are killed if you are lucky.
These enchantments are combinable in anvils, 2 of the same type and level, to receive a level higher if possible.
These enchantments can be attached to their items via the anvil

Additional enchantments will become available soon!
These enchantments CANNOT be sold in a chestshop for now but we do have plans to make them sellable in the future.

Happy Hunting!
#5 Oct 14 2019 10:11am
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This still exist?
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