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#41 Feb 5 2020 10:38am
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Quote (ium @ Feb 5 2020 05:29am)
Exposure is important for a tournament like this to success, I would say Yes - With a bit of Modification...

For a tournament to be granted this kind of exposure should need a good structure, clear prize plan, a good game schedule, a clear way to judge games, a clear way to keep cheaters out of the game, etc, etc. It would need strong group of people with an actual devotion to run it.

I've always been a fan of tournaments, they bring a great joy to the game. They would most definitely contribute to the growth of the community. :) I used to run counterstrike tours 10-15 years ago at IRC, it was amazing, the professional swedish players of today used to play in my tournaments (ESO) for honor and love of the game. The tournaments generated a lot of activity in the very early professional gaming field.

Today people in gaming don't get the same chances as they used to get. We need more small-timers in this field!

Thank you for your suggestion, this is something that lies very close to my gamerheart... I feel sorry for those who missed out on the good old days of gaming :)

Thank you very much for your positive response!
Regarding your stipulations on quality tournaments, please see my current tournament as an example:

-structured rules
-free to join
-sponsored by users
-admins and in-game assistance available

This is an example of the tournament organization that existing d2 players are putting forward.

This tournament would benefit greatly if I were able to advertise it as a service in the ESCL trade section. I bet we would more thank double the participation if that were possible.

As it stands, only a small demographic of users actually browse the “legit dueling” forum. The forum is practically unmoderated and is loaded with a disasterous amount of spam, which prevents most active, polite users from wanting even to set foot in there, and thus it has become a wasteland.

For all those whose feedback here is “there is already a dedicated forum for tournaments,” please go visit the Legit Dueling sub forum. Moderators who are advertising that we do so should perhaps spend their time fixing the pot holes there...

My original point stands. There are many “non-trade services” that get posted in the trade forums. It would be a wonderful “non-spam” alternative if users were allowed to post their tournaments as services, and in the thread link users to a guild topic or a topic in Legit Dueling where users could then sign up.

Thanks for your time and cheers
#42 Feb 14 2020 02:00pm
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Trading forum for trading only

not sure what the sponsorship dealio is.

You should add the link to your sig, will have the same effect.
#43 Feb 14 2020 02:54pm
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my reasons below do not represent the OP, but the few that would exploit the opportunity.
my reason for voting "no", is the number of people this could effect at one time. i don't think "any" tournaments should be allowed for fg prize that collects any sort of pool. that's just me though

1. "sponsored" is specifically adding fg to the equation. even if registration fees are not collected, it would still be a contract of time for fg that could go unresolved. (leading to S/A from winner and everyone that added to the pool)
2. "if" registration fees were collected, or more people were enticed to donate to the pool, it would increase the number of people caught up in a scam.

3. on older games that have easy exploitation of game mechanics, this could really burden the S/A team with accusations of "cheating/hacking/modding/breaking set tourney rules".
this would be stupifingly difficult to judge as many people are not prepared to file S/A's while the event is taking place. even with video evidence, a lot of this would be near impossible to make a ruling with certainty.

"if" moderators of their respected controlled forums wish to start tourney's, either at whim or at request... i would have different thoughts about it.
just as they open extra pinned threads for the chiristmas give-aways in d2 trading.
this would be a different vote though, and could still be a can of worms opened on the mod team.

edit: i'm also adding that the trade threads could just be spammed with numerous people thinking they aren't exploiting the bump rules by replying back and forth. (not the biggest issue)

This post was edited by tagged4nothing on Feb 14 2020 03:04pm
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