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#1 Jul 6 2019 01:40pm
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I am currently playing on the Applecraft server. I will be paying 125fg per stack of diamonds, if you already have the diamonds we can do a straight trade


if you are willing to mine them for me, I will provide a good pickaxe w/fortune 3 to help you out.
#2 Jul 10 2019 07:44am
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can you write me full IP i can do it :)
#3 Jul 19 2019 04:15am
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I would be down to do this :D
#4 Jul 19 2019 06:12am
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messaged him a few times, he's no longer responding as I have offered 25 diamond blocks for 150 (much cheaper than what's offered here) and an item which has a value of 50 diamond blocks for 300 (which is a pm i received saying he's ISO that particular item and would pay 300)

Septic if you come back, please give us an update:
1. Still iso at the ratio stated at post 1.
2. Still iso but offering x fg per stack (given you were offering 300 fg per key, it means you should be offering ~300 fg per 50 diamond blocks)
3. Trades done, no longer looking.

I don't mind what you do, just would rather you didn't ignore me :)
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