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#31 Jun 13 2019 05:02pm
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Quote (DrLatBC @ Jun 13 2019 06:56pm)
No it wasn't.

If you wanted to run cs, you needed a hammer paladin, a no barb, and a tele sorc. Sounds like teamwork to me.

Not all of us botted all of our items to play in solo games with 8 loaders. For most, Diablo was very much a team game
#32 Jun 13 2019 07:56pm
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Quote (Adverb @ Jun 11 2019 08:20pm)
You type way too much, if you’re gonna flame go hard in the paint, insult his family, call him insulting names. Getting honor locked over what you did is just lame.

lol the whole idea of banning someone permanently for speech is lame...

game was ok, but when they try to control users speech it just becomes bad...

just quit the game.
#33 Jun 15 2019 10:21pm
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so ive given up playing on my main after that chat restrict honor locked and jumped on another random account..

have been hard smurfing from bronze to silver elo to a point where enemy hard flames each other for feeding lmao... i love how riot caused all this to happen.

7game win streak so far.. honestly more fun than try harding in gold elo

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#34 Jun 16 2019 03:24am
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Quote (HouseofGuards @ Jun 11 2019 03:49pm)
Game 1
House of Guards: wanna try sona/taric?

House of Guards: why dont you just run
House of Guards: how
House of Guards: 1st time gp?
House of Guards: you gotta work on farm dude
House of Guards: gp is late game champ
House of Guards: what a joke
House of Guards: obv
House of Guards: maybe stop feeding
House of Guards: no point in gank now
House of Guards: dude
House of Guards: youre actually afk
House of Guards: mid loses to support morgana
House of Guards: top 0/5 to ornn
House of Guards: no just ff pls
House of Guards: lol goes 0/6 then blames bot for being toxic
House of Guards: im just afking for us to ff
House of Guards: its over
House of Guards: 0/6
House of Guards: report this gp pls, feeds then goes afk
House of Guards: how?
House of Guards: you lost to morgana support
House of Guards: ??
House of Guards: malz and gp are duo 100%
House of Guards: why are you talking in all chat
House of Guards: lmao
House of Guards: no one cares
House of Guards: just ff and get me out

House of Guards: its fine
House of Guards: his last game as gp
House of Guards: 0/7
House of Guards: should have dodged
House of Guards: my fault

i thought i said much worse but i guess this is all thats enough... my klepto fiddle jungles goes to midlane then goes afk which is why i say why dont you just run then he says he alt-tabbed out lmao.
best part is i just logged on now and got "instant feedback report" lmao... i mean doesnt that excuse my "excessive griefing"????

thats probably even counted as hard flaming you dont have to offend People to get banned and im speaking out of self experience beacuse i got like 4 accounts perma banned already
the System is kinda a joke you get punished for flaming but if you int/feed troll you wont

do you Play on na if so its a joke anyways the weakest out of all realms in Terms of pro gaming and in solo q

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