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#1 May 5 2019 08:53am
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Played winter orb at the start of the league and really enjoyed it, so i guess i want something casted and run while its killing everything ( Uber elder viable as well )
Ive got a budget of 100 ex rn
Thinking RF cuz never played it any other suggestions ? ( dont like HoA or any bow builds )
#2 May 5 2019 09:31am
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I would recommend a flipper build.
#3 May 5 2019 09:54am
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The only cast and run around builds are winterorb and storm/arma brand if you'd like to play something similar to winterorb. I might be missing something with the new skills tho, maybe some of those are similar.

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#4 May 5 2019 09:57am
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BV is same playstyle. Charge and run.
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