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#1 Apr 12 2019 03:48am
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Final season coming. Whos ur fave? I personally like the hound. Keeping arya “safe” while eating all the chickens was my favorite scene in the show. Bronn my runner up kuz he just has that swag about him. Ramsey was my favorite villian. Motherfucker was thee definition of medieval cruelty.
#2 Apr 12 2019 04:35am
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The trailer makes Arya look as if she will die and also scared... but, she is my vote.
#3 Apr 12 2019 06:28am
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#4 Apr 12 2019 07:28am
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Tyrion <3
#5 Apr 12 2019 10:13am
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Jaime >

All around solid character.

Payoff of him killing Cersei will be amazing

Tyrion a close 2nd.
#6 Apr 12 2019 11:43am
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Tyrion is my favorite, he's the only who's death would upset me. I wouldn't mind everyone else on that list dying
#7 Apr 12 2019 01:15pm
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Tyrion was my favorite in S1. He carried the show while the world was being established around him and everyone else was just getting set up.

At the end of S1, Arya became my favorite and stayed so for the bulk of the series. But after returning to Westeros, her character seems to have plateau'd a bit.

Now Jaime has taken over as my favorite. His rate of character development has done nothing but accelerate since he got captured by Robb.

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#8 Apr 12 2019 01:42pm
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Pretty much any Lannister tbh. The 3 siblings are awesome, so were the father and elder son/nephew. Hope at least one of them survives :D
#9 Apr 12 2019 02:02pm
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Tyrion and Jon

Arya's plot is interesting but I don't care much for her character
#10 Apr 12 2019 02:49pm
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1. Tyrion
2. The hound
3. Jaime
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