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#121 May 3 2019 04:43am
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Quote (Belarathon @ May 2 2019 09:27pm)
Sounds good bud, guess it depends if Schala RIPs or not haha. If all goes well... maybe 1-2 weeks... If I RIP, who knows :rofl:

Classic sorc can beat the game easily (if you're careful) with Meteor/orb or FB/orb and full irathas/shard/twitch/Ward shield/FCR+mana rings/frw+res boots

I hope u make it all the way with the bowa..

That sorc gear can all be found in normal :thumbsup: But my question is, how do u keep up with all the mana usage.. I will definitely try this classic sorc until ur ready.

I remeber seeing a guide to this build and I will be looking at it some time today..
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