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#1 Mar 5 2019 09:46am
Group: Member
Posts: 11,108
Joined: Jan 1 2007
Gold: 218,800.00
Hypercrate: Wild Space Explorer's Packs x 9
Hypercrate: Space Pirate's Cartel Packs x 1
Hypercrate: Master's Shadow Packs x 7
Hypercrate: Star Cluster Packs x 3
Hypercrate: Crime Lord's Cartel Packs x 6
Hypercrate: Acolyte's Shadow Packs x 2
Hypercrate: Apprentice's Shadow Packs x 1
Hypercrate: Vice Commandant's Contraband Packs x 1
Hypercrate: Oppressor Packs x 10
Hypercrate: Warbound Crusader Packs x 10
Hypercrate: Scavenger Packs x 10
Hypercrate: Plunderer Packs x 10
Hypercrate: Revenge Packs x 10
Hypercrate: Spoils Of War Packs x 10
Hypercrate: Stalwart Leader Packs x 20
Hypercrate: Eternal Command Packs x 30
Hypercrate: Strategy Alliance Packs x 20
Hypercrate: Steadfast Champion Packs x 8
Hypercrate: Vigilant Defender Packs x 2
Hypercrate: Ultimate Cartel Pack x 1
Hypercrate: Discord Packs x 1

*please always refer to the latest post for most updated list of hypercrates available.
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